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Forensic Analyst




San Diego, CA

Job Description

The Forensic Analyst will conduct comparisons of subject to candidate fingerprint images using both automated tools as well as manual methodologies to make a determination of identification, exclusion or inconclusive. Run various search tools to local additional information on subjects.

Provide excellent customer service to field agents in need of assistance with fingerprint related questions. Work in a team atmosphere providing round the clock support to State, Federal and Local Law Enforcement agencies, Medical Examiners Offices and agents throughout the Department of Homeland Security.

This position is: 3rd Shift, Wed-Sat 8pm-6am; will be required to work Weekends and Holidays. 10% shift differential is offered. We are a 24 x 7 operation, 365 days a year.

Job Summary

Performs forensic analysis of digital information, gathers, and handles evidence. Identifies network computer intrusion evidence and perpetrators. Investigates computer fraud or other electronic crimes, crack files and system passwords, detects steganography and recovers deleted, fragmented and corrupted data from digital media of all types.

Required Skills

Minimum 6 months experience preparing, searching, retrieving, analyzing, comparing, and evaluating fingerprints using both automated tools as well as manual methodologies to make a determination of fingerprint matches.

Preferred Skills and Education

Bachelor's Degree or Associates Degree, in Criminal Justice, Forensics, or related discipline; International Association for Identification Certification as a Tenprint Examiner.

To Apply

Read the full job posting and apply online here.

Equal Opportunity Employer. Females. Minorities. Veterans. Disabled