Annual IAI International Forensic Educational Conference

The 2017 Conference will be August 6-12, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia
The 2018 Conference will be July 29-August 4, 2018 in San Antonio, Texas
The 2019 Conference will be August 11-17, 2019 in Reno, Nevada
The 2020 Conference will be August 9-15, 2020 in Orlando, Florida
The 2021 Conference will be August 1-7, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee



Forensic Education is one of the IAI's primary missions. The IAI strives to be the main professional association for those engaged in forensic identification, investigation, and scientific examination of physical evidence. The Annual IAI International Forensic Educational Conference is not only sponsored by the IAI, it is organized solely by the parent body of the IAI in partnership with the local IAI division. The local IAI hosting division along with the IAI Conference Planner, the IAI Educational Planner, the IAI Forensic Subcommittees, IAI members, and many staff volunteers plan and coordinate the conference program well in advance of 3 years from the actual date of the Conference.

At this important annual Conference world-renowned professionals present the most current scientific educational sessions, utilizing the most efficient methodologies and technical products and advances in the identification field. The Conference offers general sessions, poster presentations, hands-on workshops, field trips, and vendor exhibits. Every forensic discipline subcommittee offers some type of training. Levels of the educational sessions range from basic to advanced.

Further Information

General Conference Information:

Candace "Candy" Murray
Conference Planner
(407) 810-6112

Educational Program –
Workshops and Lectures:

Lesley Hammer
Education Coordinator
(907) 242-0229

Conference Registration Information:

Roy Reed
Conference Registrar
(832) 696-9448