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Requirements for IAI Crime Scene Recertification

The crime scene certification program, Certified Crime Scene Investigator, Certified Crime Scene Analyst and Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst, requires recertification every five years. This is necessary to determine the activities of the certified individual over the previous five years and to provide an opportunity for the CSCB to update the records.

All applicants for crime scene recertification must:

  • Accumulate 80 Continuing Education/Professional Development Credits since their initial certification or last recertification
  • Complete a recertification application
  • Submit the required fee.
  • Take a written test. All recertification testing material will be taken from; Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation, 2nd Edition, by Ross M. Gardner, 2012, CRC Press (All chapters)
  • The applicant must successfully pass the written test with a minimum score of 75%. All tests are graded and recorded on a pass/fail basis.

NOTE: You may not have/use any supporting/reference material/textbooks or have internet access while taking your recertification test.

Applications for recertification shall be submitted in conformance with the general provisions of the IAI Certification manual, and will be reviewed and approved by the Secretary or member of the IAI Crime Scene Certification Board. If the Secretary or Board member does not believe the person has attained the required recertification credits as posted on the IAI website, the Secretary or Board member shall first contact the applicant and determine if there are any additional supporting documents that the applicant can send to show that the applicant is qualified. If an applicant is rejected, or fails the recertification test, the Certification Board shall retain all funds remitted by the applicant.

If the applicant is determined not to be qualified for recertification, the Secretary or Board member shall notify the applicant why the applicant is not qualified and that the applicant shall have 30 days within which to appeal this decision to the Chair of the IAI Crime Scene Certification Board. The decision of the Chair in this matter shall be final.

Questions concerning certification or re-certification should be addressed to the following:

Crime Scene Certification Board
2131 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 403
Hollywood, FL 33020