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Check out all the latest news about the Latent Print Certification Program and the Certification Board here. As new updates are received, they will be posted for your information.

Changes to the Certification Test

New Recertification Test

This year, we announced some new changes to the Recertification test including the wait times in the event of a failure of the test. These changes are as follows: The current Recertification test, released on April 1, 2016 comprises of: IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to ensure your personal profile on eCert is?up-to-date?and is?kept?up-to-date to avoid a lapse in your certification. You must provide a current personal email address in your profile. Presently, eCert continues to experience problems with Hotmail accounts so it is recommended using an alternative email provider. Recert renewal notifications are only made by email and lack of receipt of a notification will?NOT?qualify for an exemption on late renewals.
If you are having technical or login issues with eCert, please direct all enquiries in a timely manner to Mary Ballen at the IAI home office (954-589-0628).

Courses Accepted for Credit Towards Certification and Recertification

Digital/On-Screen Testing

Forensic Certification Management Board

LPC Board Members

Your 2017-2018 Latent Print Certification Board Members are: Stephanie HOWARD, Chair, Anne STEINMETZ, Secretary, Tim FAYLE, Kelley COUNTS, Jamie BUSH, Shannon PRINCE and Kaitlin MOE.
Our sincere thanks to Matthew Schwarz for his service to the Board over the past six years.
Note: The process for future board appointments has been revised to ensure compliance with 17024 Accreditation. These changes are part of the new FCMB Operations Manual and became effective in 2017.
There will be opportunities for election to the board next year for those of you who may be interested in applying. All applications for board positions must be received by the Secretary in writing no later than 30 days prior to the annual conference.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please forward these to the LPCB Secretary: