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Crime Scene Certification

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Certified Crime Scene Rosters

Crime Scene          InvestigatorSenior Crime Scene Analyst
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Crime Scene Analyst         Crime Scene Reconstructionist
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General Information

For further information, contact:
Christine Snyder
Crime Scene Certification Board
2131 Hollywood Blvd
Suite 403
Hollywood, FL 33020

Email Board Secretary

Notice to Applicants: All CCSI and recertification exams taken as of 10/1/2022 will include questions from a new reference source: Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation, 3rd edition by Ross M. Gardner, 2019, CRC Press. As of 10/1/2022, the exam will no longer include questions from Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation, 2nd edition by Ross M. Gardner, 2012, CRC Press

Notice to Applicants/Trainers:  recertification credits given for attending training classes and workshops have increased.  Courses approved in the past, will now have one credit for each hour that was approved.  Please refer to the New Operations Manual.

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