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Open Message from Bob Garrett, Director, Forensic Certification Management Board, IAI

About ten years ago, the Crime Scene Certification Board added a new certification, that of Crime Scene Reconstructionist. At the time, it was thought that this category of certification would cover forensic specialists practicing in a particular niche. There was enthusiasm for the new program and special tests were created including an examination of practical skills. Advocates for the program felt that there would be considerable interest. However, since its inception, the program has failed to attract the level of participation necessary to continue to devote the resources of the Crime Scene Certification Board. The other crime scene certification levels boast hundreds of participants. Crime scene reconstruction (CSR) has only 13 certified persons as of this writing.

I have received a request from the Crime Scene Certification Board to discontinue the CSR program. The program has been a drain on their time and resources and they need to focus their efforts on the levels with the greatest participation. After considering our options and conferring with IAI management and General Counsel, we are suspending the Crime Scene Reconstruction certification program. We will continue to support current participants. However, effective March 21, 2017, we will cease accepting new applications and renewals. Those applicants accepted for testing prior to March 21, 2017, or whose applications are under appeal, will be allowed to continue through the process. Their certifications, if successful, will be in effect for the full 5-year period. The certifications will not be renewable.

We regret any difficulties that this action may cause to current certified persons.