IAI Contacts


The IAI provides phone numbers and addresses to all IAI members on the IAI website in the Members Area.

 Bloodstain Pattern Analyst Certification Board  Chair Tewes, Richard
 Board of Directors  Chair Zercie, Kenneth
 Chief Operations Officer  Staff Calhoun, Glen
 Conference Planner  Staff Murray, Candy
 Conference Registration/Info Systems  Staff/Contract   Reed, Roy
 Forensic Certification Management Board (FCMB)  Director  Triplett, Michele
 Crime Scene Certification Board  Chair Doglietto, David
 Division Representative  Officer Ayers, Kelly
 Educational Program Coordinator  Staff Hammer, Lesley
 Footwear Certification Board  Chair Schenck, Rodney
 Forensic Art Certification Board  Chair Way, Duncan
 Forensic Photography & Imaging Certification  Chair Johnson, Eric
 Forensic Video Certification Board  Chair Epstein, Brandon
 IAI Historian  Historian Klasey, Darrell
 Identification News  Editor Stimac, Jon
 International Representative  Officer Ramotowski, Robert
 Journal of Forensic Identification  Editor McRoberts, Alan
 Latent Print Certification Board  Chair Fayle, Tim           
 President  Officer Beaudoin, Alexandre
 Science & Practices Committee   Chair Laskowski, Greg
 Tenprint Identification Certification Board  Chair Gordon, Amy
 Webmaster  Webmaster Kammerer, Jim
 Biometrics Information Services  Chair French, Michael
 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis  Chair Wolson,Toby
 Crime Scene Investigation  Chair Sentz, Emma
 Digital and Multimedia Evidence  Chair Meline, Kim
 Facial Identification  Chair Dolfi, Mark
 Footwear and Tire Track Examination  Chair John, Jeremy
 Forensic Art  Chair Lowe, Suzanne
 Forensic Photography and Electronic Imaging  Chair Hullihan, Mike
 General Forensics  Chair Huck, Patricia
 Latent Print Identification  Chair Brazelle, Mack
 Latent Print Development  Chair Gizler, Kasey
 Tenprint Identification  Chair Cintron, Charmaine
 Provisional Forensic Biology/DNA  Chair Hall, Molly