Latent Committee FAQs


Latent Prints/Latent Print Development

Latent Print Identification Standing Committee FAQs

  1. Purpose of this committee is:

    To administrate business as it relates to the IAI, relative to the latent print identification discipline. This includes all the responsibilities outlined by the By-Laws along with responses to any current events in the field of latent print identification that is outside the scope of the Latent Print Certification Board.

  2. Are there any requirements for obtaining entry level employment in the latent print discipline?

    There are no requirements other than those set forth by each agency. Therefore each applicant will need to determine what the agencies guidelines are. The below answers are intended to benefit each individual when choosing a College or University and when applying for an entry level position in latent prints.

    • Academic? A Bachelors degree, from an accredited College or University, in Forensic Science or a hard science is desired.
    • Previous Experience? Previous experience is not necessary for an entry level position; however, any type of forensic experience would be desired.
    • Internship? Any experience gained through internships will only help in future interviews.
    • Position Specific? Must have corrected vision and cannot be form blind.
    • Agency Specific? Requirements are usually agency specific and therefore, the candidate should inquire of each agency for their respective requirements.
  3. What source(s) such as standards, best practices or guidance that is utilized by practitioners working in this field?
    • Journals 
      • Journal of Forensic Identification
      • Journal of Forensic Sciences
      • Identification Canada
      • Fingerprint Whorld
    • Newsletters
      • Identification News
    • Books
      • Quantitative/Qualitative Friction Ridge Analysis: An Introduction to Basic and Advanced Ridgeology
      • The Science of Fingerprints
      • Friction Ridge Skin: Comparison and Identification of Fingerprints
      • Scott's Fingerprint Mechanics
      • Advances in Fingerprint Technology
      • Fingerprint Identification
      • Basic Latent Print Development
      • Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)
      • Fingerprint Detection with Lasers
      • Manual of Fingerprint Development Techniques
      • Courtroom Testimony for the Fingerprint Expert
      • Handbook of Fingerprint Development Techniques
      • Fingerprints and Other Ridge Skin Impressions