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Submitting a Manuscript to the Journal of Forensic Identification 

(Your manuscript will not be accepted for review until you do the following)

The Manuscript:

  1. Organize your manuscript into standard sections (i.e., introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, and conclusion).
  2. Mention figures, graphs, tables, and artwork in the body of the manuscript and sequentially number them.  Example: "... a significant amount of third-level detail (Figure 1)".
  3. Provide a list of captions for all figures, graphs, tables, and artwork at the end of the manuscript.
  4. Sequentially number references cited in the text and organize the list of references in numerical order (not alphabetically).
  5. Check your references for accuracy and complete information.
  6. Prepare a brief abstract (maximum 250 words) that summarizes the manuscript and includes the main results.
  7. Separate the manuscript into separate files:  
  1. Title Page (list up to five authors and their respective agencies that are to be on the byline). The names should be listed as they should appear (e.g., John Q. Doe, or John Doe). No titles, degrees, or certifications are permitted on the byline.
  2. Abstract (it will need to be cut and pasted into an online form during the submission process). 
  3. Manuscript (do not include the title page, abstract, tables, figures, graphs, or an acknowledgment section). Only Word, Wordperfect, RTF, and text files are acceptable. Set line spacing to double spacing and line numbering to continuous.
  4. Tables (do not submit as images; they must be in a Word or Wordperfect format).
  5. Figures (including all artwork, drawings, photographs) must be submitted in a JPEG or TIFF format and named to correspond to their figure number (e.g., “Figure 1.tif”).
  6. Graphs must be submitted as image files (i.e., JPEG or TIFF formats).
  7. Acknowledgment section (if needed).
  1. Prepare the authorization to publish form. Download and complete the form; each author who is to be listed on the byline must sign a completed form. Each completed form must be scanned as a pdf or image file and uploaded at the time of submission.