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Please note that some of the training courses in this section, although not co-sponsored by the I.A.I., may have been approved by the respective I.A.I. Certification Boards for certification and re-certification. Please refer to the individual training class posting for this information or contact the course provider.

There is a $25 posting fee for each course.


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Ongoing Online Courses

Online Courses will be listed for a maximum of 4 months

Uncover Forensics: “H.I.T.C.H.S.” – A Simplified Approach to Plantar Friction Ridge Skin Comparisons; 8-hour online, self-paced course - IAI approved!

 | $175.00 | 
This course is designed to give examiners a useful skill set in what has otherwise been an underrepresented area of friction ridge examination - plantar impressions. Principal topics include regions/topography of plantar skin, helpful hints in recognition of plantar friction ridge skin, techniques for easier searching and comparisons, as well as how to obtain plantar major case prints. Additionally included is a brief history of friction ridge examination and early researchers, and the biology and morphology of friction ridge skin. Students will get a chance to participate in multiple side-by-side comparisons of plantar impressions in order to practice their new skills and gain experience with them.

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Uncover Forensics: Bias Awareness and Mitigation in Friction Ridge Examination; 4-hour online, self-paced course

 | $100.00 | 
This course provides a basic overview of cognitive bias, what causes it and how to help mitigate it. The training includes the application of bias in relation to friction ridge examination, what increases the risk of bias in friction ridge examination and potential methods for minimizing those risks. Also covered are "debiasing" techniques, risk factors for cognitive bias, and methods for reducing the risk of cognitive bias.

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Uncover Forensics: Just Swab It! - Biological Evidence Recovery; 8-hour online, self-paced course - IAI approved!

 | $175.00 | 
The collection of biological evidence can sometimes be more complicated than it appears. The “just swab it” mindset is not as clear and concise as one might think. This interactive course explores the types of evidence we swab, swabbing materials, the different methodologies used in swabbing, swabbing on crime scenes, swabbing evidence, working with your forensic laboratory, understanding DNA analysis results and answering questions in court.

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Delta Forensics: Latent Print Examiner Training Experience; On-Demand Self-Paced Training Program

 | $5000.00 | 
This training program has been designed to be completed through the Delta Forensics Virtual Academy Website according to the schedule and availability of the participant. The projected timeframe for completion will be 9-12 months, depending on the activity and progression of the trainee.

By allowing us to train you, your agency saves time and funds by maintaining casework standards without the need for travel and associated expenses! The Program includes 12 of the Delta Forensics Training Programs, resulting in 212 hours of continuing education credit towards initial Latent Print Certification! The Delta Forensics Latent Print Examiner Training Experience is a SELF-PACED, FULLY ONLINE program currently available to train you to casework competency and fulfill most of the requirements for Certification!

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Uncover Forensics: “Courtroom Testimony for Friction Ridge Examiners" 16 Hour Self-Paced Course

16 Hours | $300.00 | 
This course is presented in an entirely online, on-demand format to enable examiners to work at their own pace and in their own time. This is an introductory testimony class that covers basic courtroom procedure, examples of questions to expect during friction ridge testimony, and how to prepare to testify as an expert witness in friction ridge examination. Topics include legal rules of evidence, general courtroom procedure, common questions and defense challenges during friction ridge testimony, how to write a CV, the process of voir dire, verbal and non-verbal communication tips, and tactics for combating anxiety. Download a brochure

Uncover Forensics: “T.H.I.N.K.”- Practical Techniques for Palm Print Comparisons 24 Hour Self-Paced Course

24 Hours | $425.00 | 
The purpose of this course it to provide beneficial skills and knowledge applicable to the performance of friction ridge examinations of the palmar surfaces of human beings. Principal topics covered by the course include a brief history of friction ridge examination, the structure and morphology of friction ridge skin and the human hand, the dermatoglyphics and the topography of palmar friction ridge skin (including palmar regions, pattern areas and creases), how to conduct side-by-side comparisons, and helpful tips for easier recognition of palmar friction ridge skin for efficient searching and comparisons. Download a brochure

Delta Forensics Training Programs Virtual Academy: Palm Print Examination

40 Hours | $499.00 | 
This class is to serve as an introductory course into the science of Palm Print Examination. This course will include reading assignments and recorded lectures, as well as practical exercises through the Delta Forensics Online Learning Platform..Approved by the IAI Latent Print Certification Board for 40 hours of continuing education towards initial certification and 20 hours towards recertification. For more information you can download the brochure or go to:

RS&A ONLINE – Common Sense Digital Imaging for Latent Print Examiners:

16 Hours | Introductory Price $350.00 | 30 Day Access
How often do you think about ethics as a latent print examiner? Do you consider ethics during your testimony? How do you address ethical issues within your agency? What is your procedure to handle things that fall into that dreaded gray area? Download the flyer or more information is available from

RS&A ONLINE – Essential Camera Operations and Controls:

16 Hours | $350.00 | 30 Day Access
This essential online course is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about the operations and controls of a digital camera. You will learn what the various controls do, and more importantly, why you use them or one versus another. Download the flyer or more information is available from

RS&A ONLINE – Palm Prints Searching Smart:

40 Hours | $600.00 | 90 Day Access
RS&A is excited to announce our first full length online training course, Palm Prints Searching Smart! This course is guaranteed to teach Latent Print Examiners how to search for latent palm prints smart, as opposed to searching hard. Download the flyer or more information is available from

RS&A ONLINE – Crime Scene and Evidence Photography:

36 Hours | $600.00 | 90 Day Access
RS&This course is designed for personnel who need to document crime scenes in more difficult lighting conditions and hard-to photograph types of related evidence. These more advanced techniques would typically be used by evidence technicians or crime scene specialists for specific types of evidence. In order to get the most out of this course, you should already understand the basic operations of a digital camera and flash. This course will include a brief review of basic controls including shooting modes, focus, exposure controls and compensation, lens/perspective distortion, white balance and flash usage. If you do not have a very good understanding of the basic camera controls/topics just listed, it is highly recommended that you take the course Essential Camera Operations and Controls before this course or you could have difficulty understanding and proceeding through this more advanced course. Download the flyer for more information is available from

RS&A ONLINE – Ethical Considerations in Latent Print Examination and Testimony:

4 Hours | $100.00 | 30 Day Access
RS&This novel 4-hour course will offer a diverse blend of lectures, external reading assignments, case studies and thought exercises to provide sound guidance in answering some difficult questions, such as: What are ethics and how do they interact with morality and integrity? How do ethics affect latent print examiners? What are some underlying motives for unethical behavior? How do you avoid overstating the strength of evidence during testimony? How should we handle ethical dilemmas? Do we have an ethical responsibility to clearly report exculpatory results? Is it unethical to go ’opinion shopping‘? Download the flyer or more information is available from

RS&A ONLINE – Social Media Fingerprints and Other Inadvertently Photographed Ridge Detail:

8 Hours | $300.00 | 30 Day Access
RS&Many investigators – let alone fingerprint examiners – are either unaware of an entire world of possible identifying evidence contained in inadvertently photographed hands and other ridge detail areas, or they are unsure of how to utilize this type of modern evidence. In our current society, digital cameras are everywhere and are used constantly – from regular pictures of day-to-day life to images posted on social media and websites. Just like regular citizens, criminals take images of a multitude of objects, people, and locations. These images can be discovered during routine online investigations or whilst executing search warrants. Some images are occasionally deemed incriminating – such as a felon holding a firearm in their hand, or a pedophile with their hand visible in a compromising position. However, these images can usually only be used as evidence (or at the very least much stronger evidence) if an identification can be made to the ridge detail visible in the image. Download the flyer or more information is available from

RS&A ONLINE – How Smart People Manage Latent Print Examiners by Exposing Some Dumb Ideas:

4 Hours | Introductory Price $100.00 | 30 Day Access
You have now been given or assigned the responsibility of being the manager of a Latent Print Unit. Hopefully, you have the technical knowledge to perform as the senior technical person for the unit. If not, then you probably need to be looking for a different version of this training. If you are an experienced latent print examiner, then this short program of instruction is for you. Making decisions based upon best industry practices sounds fine and good, but what does that mean? How do I fill the positions within my unit? How do I get the most production out of my staff of latent print examiners without sacrificing accuracy? How do I design a set of operation manuals which will keep us on track without impeding our examination of casework? How do I achieve buy-in from my staff members to how I wish the unit to function? How do I help them grow professionally? How do I properly handle the mistakes, which will most certainly occur? How do I ensure that the testimony they provide in court is consistent with the agency’s position and consistent with the industry recommendations? These questions and more will be addressed in this training program. Hopefully, you will find it helpful in the management of your unit. The International Association has approved this RS&A online course for 4 Hours of continuing education credits for Latent Print Examiner Certification and Re-Certification. Visit us online for complete details and to enroll today:

Delta Forensics Virtual Academy :

Since 2017, Delta Forensics has served as an innovator of forensic training courses on a Global Platform. The Delta Forensics Virtual Academy is now offering numerous online/on-demand training programs in the areas of: Latent Print Processing, Latent Print Examination, Competency Testing, Tenprint Examination in addition to three (3) webinar series programs, with additional courses to be announced. The Comprehensive Latent Print Examiner Training Program is available, as the only fully distance program to train you to casework competency, and we also offer a course in Evidentiary Photography to be completed in a distance learning format. Courses are approved for continuing education towards IAI Latent Print, Crime Scene and Tenprint Certifications. The Virtual Academy courses include: Latent Print Suitability (16 Hours), Basic Latent Print Examination (40 Hours), Basic Latent Print Processing (15 Hours), Basic Tenprint Examination (8 Hours), Latent Print Processing Testimony (8 Hours), Evidentiary Photography (16 Hours), Blood Impression Webinar (4 Hours), Photography Webinar (4 Hours), Latent Print Photography Webinar Series (15 Hours), Crime Scene Latents Webinar Series (16 Hours), the Introduction to Latent Prints Webinar Series (15 Hours), and a CLPE Prep Class. Delta Forensics also provides comparison practice sets and Latent Print Comparison Competency Testing Services. For additional information on the Delta Forensics Virtual Academy, please visit the Academy website..

HD Forensics Medicolegal Death Investigators Continuing Education Opportunities :

HD Forensics, Dennis Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA, and Sp. Ag Michael Hochrein, FBI (ret) now offer a series of online, on-demand, at-your-own-pace continuing education courses (4 and 8 hrs) in Forensic Archaeology and Outdoor Crime Scene Reconstruction. Topics include how to properly process the outdoor surface-scattered scene involving human remains, how to excavate and interpret the buried body features, and protocols for dealing with the human victims at fatal fire scenes. Numerous actual forensic case recoveries are discussed in each course. For more information, download our flyer, or please visit our website

HD Forensics Medicolegal Death Investigation Short Course: Forensic Archaeology :

HD Forensics, Dennis Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA, and Sp. Ag Michael Hochrein, FBI (ret) present an online, on-demand, at-your-own-pace university-level short course in Forensic Archaeology and Outdoor Crime Scene Reconstruction (34 hours). This course will focus on how best to process outdoor forensic scenes to produce the most accurate reconstructions of past events. Video lectures by forensic anthropology experts will be presented via well-illustrated and informative PowerPoints, supplemented with instructional video vignettes demonstrating methods through virtual in-the-field practical recovery exercises of a mock surface scatter and buried body feature. Topics covered include large-scale searches; scene notation; photographic and mapping protocols; remote sensing; and forensic entomological collection strategies. Numerous actual forensic outdoor cases will also be highlighted. The course has been certified by the Pennsylvania Coroner’s Education Board, International Association of Investigators (IAI), and American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABDMI). For more information, download our flyer, or please visit our website

HD Forensics Medicolegal Death Investigation Short Course: Fatal Fire Victim :

HD Forensics, Dennis Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA, and Sp. Ag Michael Hochrein, FBI (ret) present an online on-demand, at-your-own-pace university-level short courses in Fatal Fire Victim Recovery and Interpretation (20hrs). This course will focus on how best to process the outdoor forensic scenes involving human victims in order to produce the most accurate reconstructions of past events. Video lectures by forensic anthropology experts are presented via voice narrated, richly illustrated and informative PowerPoints. Topics to be covered include how human bodies burn, advanced forensic archaeological methods for locating and recovering the fire victim, scene mapping protocols, and interpretation of the burn patterns on the human remains. For more information, download our flyer, or please visit our website

Ideal Innovations, Inc. is offering Online Courses:

Ideal Innovations, Inc. is excited to announce the official launch of our new online facial examination course offerings!

Have you heard about Facial Identification or Facial Recognition but don’t know what exactly either of them are? Are you interested in understanding what it takes to do a facial comparison? Then the 4-hour class is for you! The class will cover a high-level overview of the basic tenants of the Facial Identification Discipline. You will have the opportunity to test your skills with a couple of comparisons as well as interact with a skilled instructor to answer questions during the class!

Has your agency recently acquired a facial recognition system? Are you adjudicating candidate lists from a facial recognition system? Then the 16-hour course is for you! Created to the FISWG standard for minimum training requirement for use of a facial recognition system, topics covered at a high level will include history, science & anatomy, morphological features of the face, and comparison methodologies. This class will be offered as both a 2-full day class and a 4-half day class and include on-line interaction to provide the student an opportunity to ask questions of our highly skilled instructors. Visit us at for more information!

Delta Forensics Online Course: Basic Latent Print Processing

Delta Forensics offers an online course in Basic Latent Print Processing. Through a hybrid of lectures, reading assignments, and written exercises this class is designed to introduce participants to this type of evidence and the various types of evidentiary items that impression evidence may be found upon, and the various development reagents that may be used to further enhance the contrast of the impressions for examination purposes. Visit us online for a complete description of courses and registration. Details here.

Delta Forensics Online Course: Webinar Series Training Programs

Delta Forensics offers on-demand webinar series in various topics within latent print examination and crime scene response focusing on the development of knowledge for students and practitioners. Registrants will learn topics in a variety of aspects within the field in order to build their knowledge and qualifications. Visit us online for a complete description of courses and registration. Details here.

Delta Forensics Online Course: Comprehensive Latent Print Examiner Training Program

Delta Forensics is now offering a Comprehensive Online/Distance Training program in Latent Print Examination. The Comprehensive Latent Print Training Program is designed for incoming or entry-level examiners, to be trained through competency, by delivering a complete training program in a modular format in a variety of subjects. Through the use of readings, lectures, written exercises and practical components the participant will become well-versed in all aspects of latent print examination. The program is designed to be completed at the pace of the participant, and is applicable to individuals and agencies. Visit us online for a complete description of courses and registration. Details here. Online Continuing Education and Training in Forensic Sciences

RTI International's Center for Forensic Sciences Continuing Education Program offers online forensic science courses in crime scene investigation, forensic anthropology, law enforcement, forensic laboratory analysis, latent prints and many more areas. For a complete list of our online courses visit our training page, where all of our online forensic science courses are listed.