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Please note that some of the training courses in this section, although not co-sponsored by the I.A.I., may have been approved by the respective I.A.I. Certification Boards for certification and re-certification. Please refer to the individual training class posting for this information or contact the course provider.

There is a $25 posting fee for each course.

RS&A International Latent Print Examiner Training Academy - 6th Session

September 28, 2020 thru March 5, 2021
RS&A now offers an intense 20 week training program designed to provide agencies with a Latent Print Examiner who is trained to competency. This academy, with 800 hours of formal training, will produce graduates that are capable of performing "supervised case work" and once time requirements are met, be ready to apply for IAI Latent Print Certification. This Fall 2020 academy is scheduled to begin September 28, 2020 in Meridian, MS. Only 25 academy applicants will be selected to attend and seats are filling up fast…apply today! The total cost for this program including academy tuition, 20 weeks room and board, and 3 meals per day is $27,500.00. Visit us online at: for complete academy details, photos, and to complete our online academy admission application. 

Ongoing Online Courses

Delta Forensics Online Course: Basic Latent Print Processing

Delta Forensics offers an online course in Basic Latent Print Processing. Through a hybrid of lectures, reading assignments, and written exercises this class is designed to introduce participants to this type of evidence and the various types of evidentiary items that impression evidence may be found upon, and the various development reagents that may be used to further enhance the contrast of the impressions for examination purposes. Visit us online for a complete description of courses and registration. Details here.

Delta Forensics Online Course: Webinar Series Training Programs

Delta Forensics offers on-demand webinar series in various topics within latent print examination and crime scene response focusing on the development of knowledge for students and practitioners. Registrants will learn topics in a variety of aspects within the field in order to build their knowledge and qualifications. Visit us online for a complete description of courses and registration. Details here.

Delta Forensics Online Course: Comprehensive Latent Print Examiner Training Program

Delta Forensics is now offering a Comprehensive Online/Distance Training program in Latent Print Examination. The Comprehensive Latent Print Training Program is designed for incoming or entry-level examiners, to be trained through competency, by delivering a complete training program in a modular format in a variety of subjects. Through the use of readings, lectures, written exercises and practical components the participant will become well-versed in all aspects of latent print examination. The program is designed to be completed at the pace of the participant, and is applicable to individuals and agencies. Visit us online for a complete description of courses and registration. Details here.

NFSTC Online Course: DNA Analyst Training

NFSTC'scourse is the only DNA analyst online training with updates to conform to and include the latest FBI Quality Assurance Standards (QAS), new techniques and technologies. Your analysts will have access to a consistent knowledge base to get them up to speed quickly. Training can be accomplished in as little as 6 months, far less than the standard 12-24 months. Assessment reports are available for Technical Leaders. The program is used as the knowledge base for new analysts in the laboratory, and can also be offered as supplement to university course work. Details here.

10-Hour Online (Self-Paced) Professional Training: Minimizing Bias in Forensic Decision Making

This self-paced online professional training program focuses on Minimizing bias in Forensic Decision Making. This program covers brain and cognitive issues relating to bias and cognitive processing. It then connects the cognitive science issues to practical and specific issues in forensic decision making. In addition to knowledge about the cognitive factors in forensic decision making, the program also provides practical solutions to address weaknesses as well as best practices to enhance forensic practices. Details here.

NFSTCOnline Course: Digital Crime Scene Photography

NFSTC'sDigital Crime Scene Photography course is available online to help you get the critical knowledge and skills you need to capture fair and accurate photographic documentation of any scene. This 6-hour course covers everything from digital camera basics and lighting strategies to methods used to capture images of impression evidence and bloodstains. Learn to 'paint with light' and capture a drop of water in motion through interactive challenges and exercises. There's even a camera simulation to help you practice adjusting camera settings to obtain examination-quality photographs. In addition, information about preparing for courtroom testimony rounds out the coverage that the crime scene photographer needs to know. Details here.

NFSTCOnline Course: Intro to Crime Scene Investigation

NFSTC'sIntroduction to Crime Scene Investigation online course provides 16 hours of best practices and vetted processes. This course, developed for new crime scene investigators and law enforcement first responders, offers a step-by-step introduction to scene processing and evidence collection. Details here.

NFSTCOnline Course: Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation

Go beyond the basics to cover situations investigators don't see every day, including: casting footwear under water, lifting finger prints from skin, and bloodstain documentation. The course even includes do-it-yourself experiment ideas to help students or agency teams practice new skills. Details here. Online Continuing Education and Training in Forensic Sciences

RTI International's Center for Forensic Sciences Continuing Education Program offers online forensic science courses in crime scene investigation, forensic anthropology, law enforcement, forensic laboratory analysis, latent prints and many more areas. For a complete list of our online courses visit our training page, where all of our online forensic science courses are listed.

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Due to the current nationwide pandemic, many classes are being either canceled or postponed. Be sure to contact the organizers directly to verify the status of a training course.


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