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Accelerated DAC SchoolSalient SciencesOther DME Specific (Audio)
Adobe Photoshop for ForensicsResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
Advanced Digital Image TrainingForay Technologies
Advanced Digital ImagingTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Advanced Video Forensics CourseNW3C/Medex ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Alternate Light SourceTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Annual Training and Developement ConferenceLEVAForensic Video Specific
Autopsy and Injury PhotoTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Basic Data Recovery and AcqisitionNW3COther DME Specific (Computer)
Basic Digital Processing of Evidentiary PhotographyForay Technologies
Cognitech Forensic Video Certification TrainingCognitechForensic Video Specific
Comparison Analysis for Video and Image EvidenceResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
Courtroom Testimony for Expert WitnessesLEVA
Courtroom Testimony for Fingerprint ExaminersTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Courtroom Testimony Techniques - Success Instead of Survival (online)
Ron Smith & Associates
Crime Scene Death SceneTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Crime Scene PhotographyTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
DAC 101: Forensic Audio Clarification for FVA PersonnelOcean SystemsForensic Video Specific
Digital Video and Adobe PhotoshopResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
Digital Video Evidience RecoveryResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
Digital Video Processing TechniquesResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
DVR Assessment & Video Recovery CourseOcean SystemsForensic Video Specific
DVR Hard Drive ImagingResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
EnCase Computer Forensics IGuidance SoftwareOther DME Specific (Computer)
EnCase Computer Forensics IIGuidance SoftwareOther DME Specific (Computer)
Ethical and Professional Obligations in Forensics
Tri-Tech Forensics

Facial IdentificationIdeal Innovations (I3)Forensic Video Specific
Fingerprint Evidence Processing and CollectionTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Footwear and Tire Track EvidienceTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Forensic Audio Analysis with iZotopeResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
Forensic Authentication of Digital ImagesUC DenverForensic Video Specific
Forensic FundamentalsAccessDataOther DME Specific (Computer)
Forensic Image ProcessingNC State UniversityForensic Video Specific
Forensic Imaging TechniquesLEVAForensic Video Specific
Forensic Photography for InvestigatorsTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Forensic Photography RefresherTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Forensic Science Courtroom TestimonyTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Forensic Video Analysis with AvidResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
Full Spectrum and Forensic Light Source PhotoTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Fundamentals of Footwear ExamaminationTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
FVA101: Introduction to Forensic Video AnalysisOcean SystemsForensic Video Specific
FVA 201: Continuing Ed - Digital Video and Image AnalysisOcean SystemsForensic Video Specific
Image Clarification & Processing w/ClearIDOcean SystemsForensic Video Specific
Intermediate Data Recovery and AnalysisNW3COther DME Specific (Computer)
International Forensic Educational ConferenceIAI
Introduction to Audio ForensicsResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
Introduction to FFMPEGResolution Video
Introduction to Forensic PhotoshopTri-Tech Forensics
LEVA Level 1: Forensic Video Analysis and the LawLEVAForensic Video Specific
LEVA Level 2: Digital Multimedia Evidence ProcessingLEVAForensic Video Specific
LEVA Level 3: Photographic Video ComparisonLEVAForensic Video Specific
LEVA Level 4: Advanced Forensic Video Analysis and the LawLEVAForensic Video Specific
Low-Light PhotographyTri-Tech Forensics
FFMPEG: A Dynamic Forensic Video WorkflowLEVAForensic Video Specific
Photoshop for Forensic Video AnalystsResolution VideoForensic Video Specific
Sexual Assault PhotographyTri-Tech ForensicsForensic Video Specific
Training ConferenceOFVAAForensic Video Specific
Understanding Bias and Error in Forensics

Various Coursework (Master's Program)UC DenverForensic Video Specific
Video Camcorder SurveillanceTri-Tech Forensics
Understanding Scientific Protocols -2 Hour webinar    Tri-Tech ForensicsPre-approved Training
Forensic Supervision- 40 hour in-person class  Tri-Tech ForensicsApproved for re-certification only
Forensic Interpersonal Skills- 8 hour webinar Tri-Tech ForensicsApproved for re-certification only
Forensic Professional Skills-8 hour webinar Tri-Tech ForensicsApproved for re-certification only